What It Means To Work At Quantum Safety


With over 36,000 kilometres of operational railway lines across Australia, and thousands of people working on these every day, implementing safety procedures and protecting rail and track workers is of the utmost importance. At Quantum Safety, our team of Protection Officers make sure everyone can get home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day.

The Quantum Safety team is committed to continually keeping people safe, including the general public, the people they work with, and themselves. They are also committed to building a team culture where the company purpose of being a positive influence in people’s lives is fulfilled. As the team continues to grow in alignment with Australia’s rail industry, our people will model what successful safety culture looks like in practice. 

A Connected Team

“There’s a lot of support and fantastic colleagues out there, who always encourage you to be the best you can be.” That’s what Protection Officer Kathleen enjoys most about working with the team at Quantum Safety. The connection built within the team is not only evident in how employees like Kathleen feel about their role, but also when they go above and beyond to refer friends and family to apply for a position with us. 

These connections are also imperative to maintaining safety on the projects we’re involved in. When asked what the most rewarding part of his job was, Protection Officer Abdul said, “coming home knowing the crew you’ve worked with have gone home safely to their families”.

Putting People First

Work life balance, study opportunities, reward and recognition: these are just some of the perks the team appreciate about working with Quantum Safety, and key examples of how we put people first. Don’t take our word for it – hear from our people, who are our greatest advocates.

What’s been the most rewarding part of working for Quantum Safety?

The Future of Safety

Employee engagement within the rail industry is increasingly being recognised as a critical safety pillar and a focus area for industry leaders. David, one of our experienced Protection Officers, says the most rewarding part of working with us is the feeling of contributing to important projects. “Every shift you have a real and practical impact on keeping people safe. Helping others as well as myself get home safely to our respective family is truly rewarding.”

This sentiment was also felt by Protection Officer Ramzi, whose favourite part about their role is “working on projects very much needed by commuters, namely TAP3, TAP4 and MTMS.”. The commuters on our rail networks rarely understand how important roles such as Protection Officers are, and having a team that is engaged and excited about working on these projects is important to the overall safety on the rail network.  

Being engaged and understanding the practical impact of keeping people safe is a given for our team, making them leaders in their field. Being able to contribute, both individually and as a team, to watching people go home is a huge factor to why we do what we do. 

Outside of work at Quantum Safety

Being responsible for the safety of so many people can be stressful, and work life balance is incredibly important for both our leadership team and our people. So how do our team spend their time outside of work?

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